Judo Rules

In 1899, Kano was asked to chair a Dai Nippon Butoku Kai committee to develop the first formal competition rules for Jujutsu. These rules should cover competitions between various traditional Jujutsu schools and Kodokan Judo practitioners. The competitions lasted 15 minutes and were judged on the basis of Nage Waza and Katame Waza, with the […]

10 Safety Tips For Effective Cleaning Of The Workplace

The standard states that the vacuum cleaner is the “preferred” cleaning method. Implementations are allowed with compressed air or steam for inaccessible or unsafe surfaces. In accordance with OSHA’s hazardous materials standard, fuels must be stored in covered metal containers and removed daily. Ineffective or insufficient storage planning often leads to materials being treated frequently […]

Health And Safety At The Workplace During Covid

EEOC has issued a guide stating that employers can meet worker temperatures by recognizing the spread of the COVID-19 community by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and national and local public health authorities. As with other medical information, employers must maintain employee temperature confidentiality and other symptoms. As Illinois continues with the Restore […]

our casino

When it comes to finding new casino sites to play at, it can be 우리카지노 quite difficult. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of new gambling sites popping up everywhere especially considering that the online casino business is booming and does not appear to be slowing down – but which sites can you trust? There […]