15 Summer Tips For Makeup

There is always a chance that your eye makeup can have consequences. So to avoid having to reapply facial makeup when cleaning the pigment that has fallen under the eyes, leave face makeup for the last time. First of all, before you reach any of your makeup products, you should always make sure that your skin is clean and hydrated.

For a more subtle bronze effect, mix some pumps in your moisturizer or serum and apply as desired. While the dark lining on the waterline closes your eyes, the white lining has the opposite effect. Apply the coating to the lower waterline, ”says Ashburn-McKissock.

Eisdell recommends stroking the masked adhesive tape on her face before spraying it to collect any residue that falls under her eyes when her makeup settles. “The stickiness is enough to grab eyeshadow spots and mascara, but it is not strong enough to remove the base or concealer.”Then translucent powder on the face. “Doing so much absorbs the oil on your face that you will otherwise interact with the flash and make hotspots,” explains Eisdell, who recommends La Mer The Powder. “I usually apply it to my customers’ T zones, with a small powder brush.” Test Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint, which Katz points out, is “good for your skin and not too orange for even pale skin tones!”The formula is very concentrated, so you only need a little bit to achieve a natural shine.

According to Professor Kang Lee of the University of Toronto, bigger eyes are considered more attractive. For that you can choose your eyeliner and just add a few light spots. For example, if you draw a “V” with a white pencil in the tear area, and then blur it a little, it will draw attention to your eyes and make you look bigger. Mix the concealer under the eyes with a little base before applying it. This helps prevent the shiny skin corrector from coming out and looking too white when a flash arrives.

Roll up your lashes and apply a brown mascara to the top and bottom tabs, or really choose the natural look and skip the mask completely. La’Pearl suggested applying mascara with a smaller brush to help you apply less, such as using an old eyebrow mascara wall or reusing a spoolie from the end of an eyebrow feather. Tinted moisturizing creams, BB and CC creams and skin tones give your skin extra hydration and still make some of the freckles, redness and imperfections shine.

This face makeup trio will work to define and flatter all its best features for a perfect look. Try the L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Bronze It Bronzer, L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush and L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder. Whether you’re looking for a bold look or prefer neutral-eyed makeup, make it safe by applying your eye makeup products to the base.

“First I used an eyeshadow with a pink shade through the lid through the fold. In addition, I played Chanel Baume Essentiel at Golden Light in the middle of the lid for a shiny cape.He also likes the shine on the top of the cheekbones. We talk to the best-known makeup artists about the everyday makeup aspect they keep in their back pocket for when they push them through time but want to hit them. From clear eyelids to Professional French Makeup Brand berry lips, nothing is boring in these looks. Scroll to see your makeup tutorials and prepare to get inspired. Once she has found her lipstick tone, she recommends first exaggerating her lips with her pencil and then ending her lip aspect with a shiny, light lipstick. “Just go right above your lip liner and then use clear or light lipstick on top to make your lips look more molar and look younger right away,” he adds.

Instead, the concealer works with circles under the eyes to mask them and gives a youthful, slightly moist shine. The favorite brand is Maybelline’s 24-hour Colorstay checker in Cream / Light. Just as you wear a lively top or carry a shiny bag this season, now is the perfect time to enhance the colors on your makeup palette. In addition to being summery, “the brightest colors illuminate the face and give a youthful glow to the skin,” says Surratt. If you tend to remain neutral, experiment with just one part of your face, such as a loud blush on the cheek apples, a colored eyeliner or a clear lip color.