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Most experts will tell you that hardwood floor installation is not recommended as a DIY project unless you have had much previous experience. In reality, many hardwood manufacturers will not comply with their own product guarantees unless their materials have been professionally implemented. Our experienced installers at Valley Floor Covering have industry knowledge for decades.

Regularly wipe the floor and vacuum the carefully designed wooden floor at least once a week. Do not use the vacuum cleaner with a beater rod, because the bristles can wear out the floor finish. We have had a light-colored laminate for 13 years and it still looks fantastic. The lightest floors were the trend back then and I’m glad we bought it because it hides dirt and fluff.

I know that on HGTV shows and some design blogs real wood seems to be the trend, but I choose little maintenance from the trend. Use the spray with Bona’s own cleaning pad, any single microfiber pad mop, or buy it in a pre-filled cartridge that hooks onto the Bona Spray mop to get the track even faster. Keep the humidity at the recommended level as much as possible to reduce tearing noise and kinks. As you can see, technical wooden floors are more stable than solid wood floors.

The most important wooden floor cleaner designed for any type is to test it in a discreet place first to ensure that the cleaner does not damage the finish. We Floor Mat Rentals do not recommend the use of steam mops / vacuum cleaners for firm cleaning. Our main advice on glossing technical wooden floors is to work a little every day.

You’re not the first to discover the wonderful feel of flats that has flooded the industry: the luxurious vinyl tiles. Regularly wipe the floor with a soft brush broom to remove loose dirt. Wash the floor with a neutral, non-abrasive PH floor cleaner approved for vinyl floors. A mop with warm water is sufficient for daily cleaning. The modern design is influenced by industrial looks with stainless steel accessories, sleek finishes and grayscale. Hardwood floors offer a warm contrast to this design style.

Placing a rug identifies seats and adds a visual contrast. Wooden floors bring earthy and warm beauty into the home. They are durable and last for decades with the right care. You can make them look charming by following these tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

Avoid the tendency to combine wood coloring throughout the room by adding pieces with different colors and textures. Colors must be supplemented and mixed without being monochrome for optimal aesthetic appeal. The dust mop does not remove dirt and dirt that builds up over time.